MyRelax | The App against stress and tension

MyRelax© is the space for your well-being and your serenity.

MyRelax is an app for iPhone and iPad, dedicated to relaxation and meditation,  against stress and tensionsimple to use. You can download it from the Apple Store. Inside there are meetings led, where the voice of a teacher of meditation, takes you through pleasant relaxation exercises or meditation.

The instructions are simple and detailed. Their execution doesn’t require any physical effort but only 10 minutes of your time in a calm and quiet whenever you want.
The few minutes that you spend at each meeting, enough to awaken your energies and your natural balance. You can relax by listening to the voice and music, created to enhance the character of each meeting, or just the voice.

After the first free meeting, you can download at the cost of a cup of coffee, all the meetings you want on your smartphone, tablet, iPod or computer. After downloading, just click “My Meetings“, sit back and listen to them at any time of the day.

MyRelax© offers you relaxation encounters to

  • Remove stress
  • Encourage sleep
  • Relax your body
  • Improve your health
  • Start the day in the best way
  • Recharge yourself during the working day
  • Drive away sadness
  • Deal with exams
  • Prepare yourself for physical activity
  • Regain energy after sport

There are also encounters for meditating into the OM sound and meditating for people who are far away.

It’s currently only available for iPhoneiPad and Android.

Relax Wherever you Want

In this Section you can find advice on how to integrate Relaxation and Meditation into your daily life.
You can restore energy and release useless tension absolutely anywhere.
Here are some suggestions:

Relaxing in the car
We often find ourselves spending a lot of time waiting in the car, in traffic jams, waiting for someone, between one appointment and another.
These moments are suitable for relaxation.
We are already sitting comfortably: let go of the steering wheel and rest our arms on our thighs. Relax the shoulders and neck. Then the torso and legs. We can look at the world around, as if for the first time, for a few moments.
It doesn’t take much: when we go into first gear, we will be recharged and relaxed.

Relaxing at work
Do you have a manual job or work  an 8 hour day in the office? It doesn’t matter: you can always use your daily movements to your advantage. What is important is to be able to focus.
If my mind is able to take care of what I am doing, every action becomes important, my whole body receives new pleasure and the energy runs freely instead of dispersing.
Daily obligations therefore become Relaxation and Meditation.
Try washing the dishes and feel the water flowing over your hands, the grease disappearing from the surfaces, the solid mass of the dishes, the different sounds as you place them on the draining board. The new tidiness that you created in your kitchen.
You’ll see that whatever you do with this type of focus will lead to a deep and warm appreciation for your work for its precision and its grace.
Tiredness will become a distant memory….

Relaxing at the dining table
Whether you are by yourself, with others, in the canteen or a top notch restaurant, what you eat and drink becomes part of your body. The choice of food is extremely important, but even more so is the “way” in which we absorb them.

The mind’s tensions often obstruct the proper mechanisms of our digestive system. The body sits at the table with these useless contractions. You can start by changing the way you sit at the table. Make sure your back is straight, free of tension, but straight up in front of this gift of food. Don’t cross your legs or hide them under the chair, but place them bent at a right angle to the floor.

Relax your shoulders and take a moment to consider the food on your plate.
Observe and be grateful for the fact that it is there for you, to nourish you, before starting to eat. Keep it in you mouth for the time it takes to savour its flavour, and when you swallow it accompany it with the pleasure of a new energy. You can also do this with water or other drinks.  It is the association of solids and liquids which allows our body to prosper in harmony.


Science and meditation

Here you can find some articles that testify to the scientific benefits of relaxing and meditation.

Numerous researchers and institutions have proved that relaxation techniques and meditation have therapeutic, cognitive and liberating powers.
So there is even more reason to have faith in these techniques, a natural way of finding your equilibrium at a cost available to everyone.

We hope you enjoy reading them.

In this section we propose explanations and thoughts on relaxation and meditation from various authors who have looked into the qualities, the advantages and the characteristics  in different countries and cultures.

Guided Relaxation Techniques

Download MyRealx and you will find the first free meeting: “I Relax myself“.
You can try the simplicity of guided meditation.

Its sole purpose is to enrich their awareness and sensitivity within.
You can lend a hand in difficult times that life puts in front and helps you regain full feeling of serenity.
All this with the help of a Master of Meditation. For over 30 years, practical techniques of meditation and relaxation and leads the cycle “Time for myself” meetings for learning relaxation techniques and meditation.

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